Hi Networks’ Community!

Hi, Networks community! My name is Lexi Stoner, I’m a graduate extern and the newest member of Networks. I am entering the second semester of a Masters/Ed.S in School Psychology program at Temple University.

This externship is a wonderful complement to the formal education I’m receiving. Before this, I didn’t know the ins and outs disability rights, accommodations, or language. Despite being a psychology major in undergrad, I realized pretty quickly I had a lot to learn! I’m thankful to be gaining a deep understanding of this field from coworkers who have decades of experience in this area. I’m learning how to make PDFs and word documents accessible, how to help service organizations be most supportive and accommodating to those they work with, and learning what it means to help others self-advocate. We all have a responsibility to understand these areas, and I’m looking forward to continuing to grow, learn, and contribute to this important work through my role. -Lexi Stoner