Newspapers (Part 2)

image of a stack of newspapers

What happened for Sammy?

She moved out into her own home in the area with supports.

She made friends.

She reconnected to her community.

She had two cats.  She named them Samson and Tally.

She still went out every day for coffee and became part of the local cafe community.

She quit smoking (that was hard).

She kept reading newspapers and magazines.

She visited the hospital every so often to see old friends and acquaintances, but in time, those visits got fewer and fewer.  She didn’t want to go back and visit.  Time changes things, doesn’t it?  Maybe the hospital wasn’t as important to her as everyone thought.  

People were scared she wouldn’t adjust well to not being behind walls and barbed wire.  There was a continency plan in place in case the worst happened and everything fell apart.  Were there bumps?  Absolutely.  Life is bumpy if not down right rocks at times.  Sammy thrived in the world.

Our fears hold people back.  Our fears can do more damage than good.  Our fears, well meaning, to keep people safe, can cause unintended hurt.  The unknown is scary.  Sammy faced it head on.