Something new…

What have we been up to…?

Networks embarked upon an exciting, new project last year that may not be known by many.

Supported by Philadelphia DBHIDS (and now Northumberland County BHIDS), The CoLab Project was created to support organizations in working on specific goals to support their growth and development. 

From a personal perspective, I went into this project with excitement, curiosity and a bit of trepidation, not knowing how the Project would unfold. The Networks team worked with four organizations for about six months, and oh, did we learn so much about them, ourselves and the system we work in!  Each organization was at a different place in their growth and goal journey, some newer, smaller organizations providing services for a few years, others larger, more “experienced”, while others were just beginning the journey in offering services.

Being invited into organizations and learning where they may have weak spots, where they were asking for help, where they were being vulnerable, was not taken lightly on our part. I am honored that they allowed our team into their world of work to support them on their journey’s.

What was a common theme among all organizations? Their true passion and commitment in supporting people with disabilities in living their best life. This is being accomplished in many different ways, and each organization we worked with has their own unique perspectives, views and paths they are taking to accomplish this goal. We plan on following each organization, checking in periodically and being of assistance as the need arises.

Being part of this project has helped me to see, even more, the complexities of the disability system we work in and all the facets of support that need to come together for success. Not only for those that are being supported in life, but for staff who work so hard day to day. Now, we are moving into our second year of The CoLab Project, kicking off conversations with more organizations, excited about what lies ahead for them and how we may be of assistance in supporting their growth and development!

If you are interested in learning more about The CoLab Project, please reach out!

– Michelle Sparling