Philly Love Salutes…………. Melanie Santiago

February 16, 2022

Melanie Santiago, SPIN, Inc.

nominated by Kelly Marascio

Melanie is a passionate and strong advocate for families with children on the Autism Spectrum. As a bilingual Blended Case Manager, Melanie has been crucial in helping families access resources and crucial needs during this challenging year.

Melanie has helped families access food, medicine, COVID-19 facts, testing and vaccinations, internet access, support with utilities, school services and so much more in the virtual world. Without Melanie’s support, especially for those whose language is other than English, many families would have been lost in getting the most basic information in helping their families get needed support and services. Melanie spent hours helping families connect to the internet, get children connected to school, accessing food and medical supplies… anything needed and not always in the parameters of a typical work day.

Melanie is a champion advocate and was relentless in chasing every lead for her families regardless of how tenuous or difficult. Melanie is loved by the families and children she works with, and has been known to help keep spirits high on virtual meetings by impromptu dance sessions with the children, or talking about the latest toy or video game to support fun and recreation for the children during such a stressful and emotionally challenging time. Melanie supports the whole person, within the whole family, with grace, love and professionalism…. while jumping any hurdle and leaving no stone unturned.

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In June 2021, Philly Love put out the call to Philadelphia and the response was overwheling and beautiful… Over 30 amazing humans were honored and recognized by their communities for their love, hard work, and dedication.  The resounding statements of “thank you for seeing me” were heard over and over again.  

Your community sees you.

Your community loves you.

Your community honors you.

Continuing to recognize these wonderful people, we will be highlighting one of the thirty-six Philly Love Award Winners each week.    – xo