Philly Love Salutes…………. Celestine Robinson!

October 20, 2021

Celestine Robinson, PATH

nominated by Leslie Thompson

image of Celestine Robinson

Celestine has done an awesome job supporting her people prior to the pandemic and beyond. She sacrifices her time and genuinely shows that she cares about those she supports and ensures things are right within her worksite.  We love you, Celestine!

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In June 2021, Philly Love put out the call to Philadelphia and the response was overwheling and beautiful... Over 30 amazing humans were honored and recognized by their communities for their love, hard work, and dedication.  The resounding statements of "thank you for seeing me" were heard over and over again.  

Your community sees you.

Your community loves you.

Your community honors you.

Continuing to recognize these wonderful people, we will be highlighting one of the thirty-six Philly Love Award Winners each week.    - xo