Philly Love Salutes………….. Gebah Sheriff!

September 8, 2021

Gebah Sheriff, Horizon House

nominated by Helen Knox


I would nominate Gebah Sheriff because during the COVID-19 Pandemic, he photo of Gebah Sheriff always made sure that my brother, Gregory, and I would stay connected to each other.  Whether if it was by phone, by email, or by letter he would make sure that we would speak to each other on the phone and would make sure that Gregory and his roommate would receive their packages in the mail when I would mail them something.

Mr. Sheriff would also contact me every day to let me know that Gregory is okay and that he is not sick or anything, and how he would take Gregory to work and pick him back up from his work location.  What really impressed me about Mr. Sheriff is when he took Gregory to Rite Aid on a Saturday morning to make sure that he would get his vaccination shot, and he also gave me a final report about his condition.

He also takes Gregory shopping when he needs to buy clothes and takes him to the Barber Shop because Gregory likes nice haircuts and also makes sure that Gregory takes his medication every day.  Mr. Sheriff and I also stay fully connected to each other concerning Gregory.  In these days and times in which we live, you do not find too many men who would take the time and even in his spare time to reach out and help others who are mentally challenged, and because of this, I am so thankful and proud of him.

I hope and pray that Mr. Sheriff never changes his ways because he is a beacon light that shines in the midst of darkness to whom anyone he comes in contact.  Keep up the good work Mr. Sheriff, and may God continue to bless him in his commitment to the residents at Horizon House.

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