Philly Love Salutes…………. Phylis Tarpley!

September 15, 2021

Phylis Tarpley, PATH

nominated by Christie Maher

Ms. Tarpley has been employed by PATH for close to 30 years.  She supports three individuals at a residence run by PATH, Inc.  Ms. Tarpley is always going above and beyond and regularly gives of herself.

In early May 2020, all three ladies that Ms. Tarpley supports tested positive for Covid.  One individual required hospitalization as a result.  Ms. Tarpley volunteered to quarantine with the individuals at the site for several weeks during their Covid positive diagnosis.

When the individual who was hospitalized was discharged, she helped to nurse this individual back to her former self.  The individual required the use of a walker, was so weak, could only walk a few steps, needed a wheelchair, and had to live on the first floor of the home temporarily because she couldn't go up to her bedroom on the second floor.

Prior to her hospitalization she was self-sufficient and ambulated without difficulty.    Ms. Tarpley did everything she could to nurse this individual back to her previous self.  The individual slowly was able to walk further, regain her strength, no longer needed oxygen, no longer needed the use of the walker or wheelchair and was able to return to her bedroom on the second floor of the home.

None of this would have been possible without the love, care, selflessness, and compassion that Ms. Tarpley showed.  Ms. Tarpley was a true everyday hero who sacrificed her own wellbeing to ensure that the individual she supports received the best care she could provide.

We are so thankful for Ms. Tarpley and all the love and pride she shows every day to the individuals we support.

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