My Recent A.T. Ah-Ha Moment — (from Stacey Figueroa)

Recently my grandfather needed more bathroom cups.  However, I happened to be at the $1 store and they did not have normal size bathroom cups in plastic. (He can’t use paper because the Listerine eats through them  and they collapse when you pick them up.)  I noticed mini-cups clearly marketed for other enjoyment(!!).  But they were plastic and small and the perfect size for his morning needs. So I picked them up to hold him over.

Well… it turns out this was a perfect thing! He can pick them up without HELP! He does not have to tilt his head back as far, thus not choking. The cups are sturdy and do not crack like some bathroom cups, nor does the Listerine eat through them like the paper cups. Woo hoo!

When I saw him last night he asked me to pick up some more of THOSE cups. He said they were good to use now. I said no problem, I bought the last 8 packs at the $1 store today. 🙂 He was quite a happy Grandpop and my Mom was happy, too.  Mom chimed in and shared that it helps because she would set him up for the morning routine and by the time he was ready the Listerine would have leaked through the cups or she had to help him grasp the cups. Not any more!

So, a simple  smaller cup has added or extended a level of independence to a stroke victim and older man.  Another victory for keeping our eyes and imagination open… anything can be AT!

Just sharing….