Strengthening Your Team!

How often does your team get together to reflect, learn, brainstorm, strategize and have fun? Networks team members have a history of spending focused time and energy in connecting with one another routinely and have been doing so for 25 years! Our most favorite times are often during get-away retreats, but even having half-day or full day events closer to home where we reconnect is always a welcomed opportunity to strengthen our team. Meetings on the beach, visiting an aquarium, making training plans for the next fiscal year over dinner, playing board games and connecting are but a few of the creative ways we have strengthened our group and kept ourselves energized and focused on our mission.
What is your team doing to stay strong, current, creative, and connected with one another? It doesn’t have to be expensive to have fun and be meaningful! Consider parks and local resources for your getaway places. You need not be far away, but getting out of the office and into a new setting is often all that it takes to help your creative juices flow and your team to bond together. Spring is almost upon us, why not start to make plans for a team-strengthening day today?
– Michelle Sparling