Being a Connector and Relationship Builder

Some people are natural connectors, some people are not, but everyone can learn the art of connecting! I never really thought too much about the impact I have had on people related to connecting and relationship building, it is something that I have naturally done and enjoyed doing. In the last few years, I have seen my connecting ability in action. It has taken but only a few minutes to make a lasting impression on people I have been connected to, send a message, answer a call, or brainstorm a list of contacts and without any expectations, the lives of those people have flourished as a result. From more than doubling the income of a friend’s client based business, to editing resumes and graduate school application essays that have let to acceptance letters and offers of hire, those in my own personal network are having success….and it feels great to be a part of the process with them!

So what can you do? Who do you know? Who is in your network that has a need, and if not a need, perhaps something of value or even an experience you can share with them? It does not need to take much time, you only need to be open, receptive, and willing to take a few extra moments to listen, think, connect and share. Take some time to be intentional and watch the power of connection in action! It not only impacts the lives of others but changes your life as well.
– Michelle Sparling