From Then…

(a note from the Executive Director)

It was 1996, and my then-supervisor sent me to a “Trainers’ Training on Goal Planning’ offered by Networks for Training and Development, Inc. I can still picture my supervisor running (OK, maybe she didn’t run) into my then-office with a flyer in hand, “Shauna, this training for you.” I was interested in getting out of the office for a week but had no idea what was in store.

Fast forward a few years, Networks becomes my “go to” training source, as I would anxiously await the paper calendars to arrive in the mail and promptly adhere them to my office corkboard. In any given month, I was determined to attend a Networks’ event!

As more years go by, I became a somewhat-familiar fixture at Networks’ training events.

Getting to know the Networks’ trainers, and even saying aloud, “Ya know… I’d love to work here one day.” Who says that? Little did I know, it would one day come true.

-Shauna Roman