Employment and Transition

employment and transition

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  • Employment Forum – (shifting to bi-weekly… more details coming soon!)
  • Coming soon — a series with Denise Bissonnette!

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  • Podcasts
    • Employment Forum – 4/29/20
    • Employment Forum – 4/22/20
    • Employment Forum – 4/15/20
    • Employment Forum – 4/8/20
    • Personal Journeys – An Interview with Ruth Landsman
    • Employment Forum – 4/1/20
    • Employment Forum – 3/23/20
    • Personal Journeys – An Interview with Nancy Jo Geise
    • Employment Forum – 3/18/20

Online University

How Can We Help?

Here at Networks we understand it truly takes a village to assist someone in reaching their dreams. We understand the importance of including family, friends, providers, and other community supporters in the planning process. We provide small and large group instruction, as well as team-based instruction, around Career Planning, the Job Seeking process, and how a person’s supporters can assist them in reaching their goals. ​ Contact Michelle Sparling, MEd, CESP for more information at michelles@networksfortraining.org