Miracles? Probably not, but…..


Several years ago, I was asked by a friend to attend / demo our approach to body / energy work at a health fair in my local community… two colleagues, Marianne & Jess, joined me.  We set up a massage table & the adapted massage chair & several people enjoyed mini-treatments from us.  A couple of folks came easily up to us, a few kept coming back for more, & one man kept circling closer & eventually landed & was skittish but then melted! (I was later told that people who knew him were almost in tears watching him!  Apparently he is a very cautious man & rarely lets people in.)  A woman similarly kept coming by & watching but when asked was clearly not sure & would kinda run away (never said a word).  I kept talking with her with each round she made & offered my hand to her (my palm up) & she took it…. I put my other hand on top of hers & she put her other one on top of mine.  She then quickly pulled away & fled again.  She came back a few minutes later pulling a young woman with her.  This woman introduced herself as her nurse & said she had never seen her friend so interested in something.  I reached out my hand again & she took it & walked me over to the massage table where she climbed aboard & laid down face up, as she had seen others do.  I started Reiki with her & she reached out for her nurse friend.  Within a couple of minutes, the woman started showing signs to her nurse that she was having auras & was about to go into a seizure….. but she didn’t want to move off the table.  Not knowing what their usual process was when she seizured I asked if I should stop & the woman on the table said “no!” very emphatically.  Her nurse friend looked very surprised she spoke & so strongly & so I kept doing what I was doing.  I had recently studied CranioSacral Therapy (CST) so sat down at her head & did some very simple “adjustments” & a “stillpoint”.  The nurse kept watching closely but the seizure never happened.  After awhile, I finished & she slowly sat up.  She was smiling ear-to-ear & very calm.  Her nurse was blown away & said this never happens —- once an aura is that clear, a seizure happens & apparently her seizures are pretty substantial.  The nurse asked what I had done & I tried to explain Reiki & CST, as best I could.  I told her where she could go for more info.  From what I was later told, the nurse took a CST course at Upledger Institute.  I told this story at my CST II training at Upledger & my teacher was aware of cases where seizures were lessened in intensity & regularity by CST but not prevented or stopped while in the midst of one or as it was coming on…. but he certainly confirmed that it could.