Adapting in the Coronavirus World

Suzanne Erb shared an article with the Networks Team written by University of Maine professor, Nick Guidice, about his experiences as a blind person trying to reduce use of touch in the Coronavirus world.  As a sighted person myself, I love to touch and feel everything and of course hug people.  I have been struggling with the “no touching” “stay 6 feet apart” rules.  For me, touch is an enriching sensory experience that brings me comfort and joy.  It’s like the icing on top of the cake.  It makes my experience more enjoyable, but I can navigate reluctantly without it. 

Nick delves into “why the new touch-less physically distant world sucks for people with visual impairment”.  The article is well written and insightful into how individuals with visual impairments are struggling with the new rules, which may be comparable to a sighted person navigating the Coronavirus world wearing a blindfold.    Excellent read!