Networks @ 25! …Honoring our Assistive Technology Advisory Group…

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Can it be??!!

Unbelievably, yes, Networks is now 25 years old!

While it’s certainly time to celebrate, it is also important to remember all those who have traveled with us, helped us, challenged us, cheered us on, & joined with us over these amazing 25 years.  You helped us realize our vision & assisted us to become more of who we are today.

Photos of Networks from the past 25 years with a 25th birthday candle in the middle

Together we have

  • fought injustices & discrimination
  • encouraged others to find & raise their voices
  • re-imagined schools, workplaces, communities, & lives
  • assisted groups to coalescence around important issues
  • found solutions (or at least some parts of solutions) to change the world to embrace ALL people.

We are still going strong & look to the next 25+ years of hard but exhilarating work.

But first, we will be taking time each month this year to look back, honor, & celebrate.


A Thank-You to our Assistive Technology (AT) Advisory Group…

Several years ago, Networks established the first of 4 advisory groups.  This and subsequent advisory groups were born out of a need and wish to look more deeply at the work we have offered to people, teams and organizations with deep heartfelt desires to assist in creating lasting change and to provide alternatives to the status quo of traditional support systems.

The AT Advisory Group (connected to our service area, “Technologies for Independence and Control”) was a guiding light as we re-thought deeply (and sometimes painfully), “Should we continue to do this (specific) work… how can we re-offer our skills to others… what areas should we (and should we not) focus…” and more.  During the beginning of this Advisory Group we, at Networks, were seriously thinking about our focus and the delivery of Technologies for Independence and Control in the face of questions at that time coming from the outside world.  We chose to invite not only friends of Networks, but also people in and outside of the “field” who would bring to the table highly objective insights and considerations of this very work.

While some on this Advisory Group have since moved on after offering us their personal and professional assistance, we wish to sincerely thank each and every person who was a guidepost along the way.

Each advisory group functions a bit differently – with a different scope and set of goals – all offer us, and the world at large, unique considerations.  Their opinions and points of view continue to be invaluable and create opportunities to push ourselves further organizationally and dream of a future which is bigger, brighter, and more inclusive than it is today.

To read more about our service area, “Technologies for Independence and Control” and to also see who is currently members of this AT Advisory Group, please read further here: