Pulling Back the Curtain

Some of you may know me, or may know of me, but you may not know what it is I do with Networks.  So….

Officially, I am our Webmaster, which means it is my job to make sure the pages on our website (www.networksfortraining.org) are up-to-date and working properly.  When our available services or resources change, or when there’s a special event coming up that needs to be advertised, I get the information posted to the proper sections of the website. When there are documents or resources to post, I convert them to multiple formats and help to check them for accessibility so they can be used by as many people as possible.  When it’s time for us to change the look of our website, I work with Diane Kehoe and Jeff McCary to come up with a new design and layout, to make sure the site meets accessibility standards, and to get the content entered onto the pages of the new site.  And, I do the same things for the websites we manage for The Communication Mentors’ Network (www.communicationmentors.org), The Got Mike! Fund (www.gotmikefund.org), and Philadelphia on the Job (www.philaonthejob.org).

I also manage the online discussion boards we use with many of the courses offered at Networks.  This involves making sure course participants are entered in and able to use the system, setting up the discussion forums prior to the start of a course, and assisting participants when they forget their usernames or passwords.  This last one happens more frequently than you might expect.  (Please, everybody, set your online passwords to be something you’ll easily remember…and keep a list of them somewhere safe and secure!!!)

Finally, I serve on the governing committee for The Got Mike! Fund.  In addition to managing the Fund’s website and online advertisements, I maintain the Fund’s list of donors, keep the rest of the governing committee apprised of donations received and the Fund’s financial status, and help to decide what events the Fund will support and how the funds will be spent to fulfill the mission of the Fund.

Oh, and by day, I’m a high school social studies teacher on the island of Maui.  It makes for a busy schedule, but Networks is in my blood.  I’ve been a part of the Networks family since my parents founded the organization, I worked in Networks offices in Philadelphia and Valley Forge while I was in college and grad school, and I’m happy that I can continue to be involved remotely after I get home from school and my kids are in bed!