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Welcome to the Networks’ blog!

Blog this!!!  Yep, it’s true… like everyone else we’re jumping into this social media craze — blogging it is!

For those of you that don’t know us or know us well, please check out our fuller website (www.networksfortraining.org) for lots more information about who we are, our history, & all the amazing things we’re into.  For those old friends & colleagues (co-conspirators?) of ours, please let us welcome you to this newest edition of “Networks’ news”… a way to share a little more about all that’s happening with us behind-the-scenes & between-the-lines.

We hope this blog will be a way to help everyone become a little more acquainted with this often quirky, somewhat irreverent, & definitely radical cutting-edge group of misfits!!!  We love what we do, are passionate about our beliefs, & are anxious to share more with all of you.The blog is designed as a group blog, with our various team members contributing at least monthly. We look forward to hearing from you along the way as well.  So… here’s to blogging!!


2 responses to “About Us

  1. I am discomfited by the use of the word misfits to describe yourselves. It is your very perfect synchronicity that underlies or underscores all that you do. You may find the piece that is missing from a good fit between a person and their destiny, you may fit a piece into the existing web of casual, irrelevant or mis-matched options/solutions surrounding/supporting a person who needs help or problem solvers in their lives; you may arrive at fitting conclusions that have eluded helpers, people in need or systems that have strayed from the path that matches a person, place or group but you never miss an opportunity to serve, you never force a solution to fit a problem and you always respect and deliver perfectly matched considerations to the time, person, circumstance within the boundaries of compassion and true concern for the receiving purpose or person.
    You and yours are the beacon that helps direct and design fitting supports and solutions that have been, until your involvement often mismatched or misdirected. And that is the only connection to misfit that I can think of in your sphere of influence. Love you guys.

  2. Thank you, Mary…. it has been you like many friends and mentors that have taught us to not be afraid, to think the “impossibles”, & even try to reach some of these out-stretched ideas…. & to embrace our irreverence & quirkiness. You are always one of us!

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